Art Director

Find Joy


Joy is an app where users can track and reflect on spending habits based on their emotions towards the transaction. The app also provides daily editorial articles that share advice and stories on financial wellness, personal growth and living a joyful life. Over a few months, I created new key art for the brand, custom art for daily editorial stories, and refreshed their Instagram feed.

Key Art Creation:
I led the creation of a new series of key art to use in print, digital marketing, organic and paid social, and to accompany our daily editorial stories. We created an usual mix of colorful still lives with cut paper, money origami, and everyday objects to create a series of images we can use to talk about our user’s financial and overall wellbeing.

Posters showcasing key art photography below:

Happy-Money-Posters-26 copy.jpg
Happy-Money-Posters-21 copy.jpg

Social Refresh:
We used the new key art as a primary element in the new instagram feed. We also posted art from the daily editorial stories and relatable memes.

Instagram-Grid-5-14-01 copy.jpg

Editorial Art:
I created custom art for daily editorial stories published on FindJoy. I use a mix of photo montage, digital illustration, and our key art photography. Some of my favorites are below.

Desktop view of homepage with featured article:

Find-Joy desktop-homepage-view.jpg

Desktop view of article page:

Find-Joy desktop-$200.jpg

Mobile App view (homepage and article page):


More editorial articles in desktop view:

Find-Joy desktop-rent-or-lease-car.jpg
Find-Joy desktop-template-no-white-space.jpg
Find-Joy desktop-side-hustle.jpg
Find-Joy desktop-pretzel.jpg
Find-Joy desktop-stress-at-work.jpg
Find-Joy desktop-losing-an-income.jpg
Find-Joy desktop-renting-clothes.jpg
Find-Joy desktop-travel-or-couch.jpg
Find-Joy desktop-house.jpg
Find-Joy desktop-cactus.jpg
Find-Joy desktop-dress.jpg

(Joy is a product created by Happy Money, a company that creates financial products that combine principles of psychology and financial wellness).