Art Director

Coca-Cola Freestyle - Remixology



Coca-Cola came to us with new drink flavors for the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. They asked us for a digital campaign to promote the new flavors to their young fan base and generate new fans. With hundreds of possible flavor combinations, Coca-Cola freestyle is all about experimentation and freedom of choice. I decided to create Coca-Cola Freestyle's new customized Tumblr page. To launch the new platform, we created a campaign on Coca-Cola Freestyle's other social platforms around mixing drink flavors, mixing, and animation styles that drives users to the new Tumblr. On Facebook and Twitter, we posted animations relating to mixing music and flavor profiles. Next, we collaborated with popular Soundcloud DJs, Henrik the Artist and Kyle Hughes, to create music inspired by the seven new drink mixes. We created animated 'album covers' for each music clip and shared them on Facebook and Twitter. All of the content drove users to the new Tumblr page.


Customized Tumblr page:

Animated Cover Image


DJ's songs with animated 'album art'  inspired by the new unique drink mix:

Facebook and Twitter Content: Animated Gifs and animations, relating to music and new flavor mixes leading up to the Soundcloud music releases.